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5 Reasons Everyone Should Smoke Marijuana

02 Apr 5 Reasons Everyone Should Smoke Marijuana

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in 22 states (plus Washington D.C.) and the legalization of recreational use in 4 states, marijuana is a hot topic issue. People who would never have considered “using drugs” are finding an interest and curiosity in cannabis.

Besides the overwhelming fact that marijuana has been used for multiple reasons throughout history, there are 5 main reasons it is relevant to humans today.

The first, and most well known reason is medical benefits. Not only is marijuana a cure for glaucoma, it has been shown to reduce acne and act as a potential cure for Crohn’s Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pain is also treated with medical marijuana and is a better alternative to unnatural and dangerous narcotics.

Our second reason is based off of a 2007 California study, which showed that marijuana use in heavy drinkers reduced their alcohol consumption by 50%. Alcohol can cause liver, kidney, and pancreatic damage. The damage caused can be extremely painful and result in death if not caught or treated in time.

Many people associate marijuana with sleep and a body high. A class of marijuana known as the Sativa strain actually produces energy and a head high. This allows creative juices to start flowing and has been used to create beautiful works of art including paintings, drawings, and stories.

Relaxation is our 4th reason. After a long day of work, it can be difficult to wind down and enjoy time off. Indica strains cause body relaxation and euphoria. Stress is harmful to health and can induce weight gain, medical issues, and insomnia. Marijuana causes a stress release and can nip those issues in the bud.

Our last, and most important reason is to try it for yourself. Marijuana has been demonized as a terrible gateway drug that should be avoided at all costs. But is that your opinion or an opinion made for you? Do some research and see if it’s something you’re really against or something you’d like to try.

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