Marijuana Caviar – We’re Not Smoking Fish Eggs - Marijuana Caviar
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Marijuana Caviar – We’re Not Smoking Fish Eggs

02 Apr Marijuana Caviar – We’re Not Smoking Fish Eggs

Caviar is a household term for raw fish eggs that can cost hundreds of dollars an ounce. So, what do fish eggs have to do with marijuana? Nothing. Why Marijuana Caviar took that name is due to the quality. Expensive fish caviar is a fine-dining delicacy, and marijuana is a fine-smoking delicacy.

Marijuana Caviar is made by soaking high quality buds in concentrated hash oil. The product is then dried for days to months leaving a smokable, potent product. Many users have difficulty with concentrated oils due to the sticky nature that leaves bowls and pipes a mess. The caviar process takes away this difficulty with the extended dry time.

Buds contain 5-20% THC and oils contain 30-80% THC. The combined effect of these two products will knock you socks off. Although Marijuana Caviar doesn’t have the pleasant taste of buds alone, it produces an extremely long lasting high. The amount needing to be smoked is extremely small and users find they may be content off one or two hits a day.

For medical marijuana users needing pain control or anxiety relief, this is a huge breakthrough. No longer are they chained to their pipe or bowl and smoking multiple hits throughout the day.

Everyday recreational users report that they have never smoked anything this strong before. Although this may not be for rookie users, patients and recreational users alike can see the benefits of trying it out.

It is more expensive than regular buds, but that is due largely to extensive hands-on time of the makers and the overwhelming fact that it lasts for so long.

Marijuana Caviar is a top shelf product that is available to everyone. Enjoy a longer high without having smoke a dozen times a day. Try it out and let us know what you think! We would love to see your comments below.

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