The Fight Is On: Legal Marijuana vs. Illegal - Marijuana Caviar
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The Fight Is On: Legal Marijuana vs. Illegal

02 Apr The Fight Is On: Legal Marijuana vs. Illegal

McDonalds and Burger King have been competing since what seems like the beginning of time. There is healthy competition in all industries that drives businesses to create and market better products. In the long run, this competition benefits the consumer.

Now that marijuana is no longer solely sold on the black market and street corners, there is competition budding. Dispensaries are looking at other more efficient ways to produce and use weed products.

Users may have a dealer they prefer due to quality or price meaning both illegal and legal sources have to up their game. Dispensaries are now competing with established business plans that have been illegally working for decades.

Illegal sources have to compensate for the simplicity of walking into a store and leaving with a tested and trusted product.

Marijuana has been proven to benefit the economies of states that it is legally sold in. This means that every time a drug dealer is busted, their customers are being driven to legal sources that help support the state and local economies. That’s a pretty good incentive for state governments to drive marijuana crimes off the streets.

From a customer or citizen’s perspective, buying from an established dispensary is in their best interest. Not only is there quality assurance on their product, there are benefits being given back to their local schools and other publicly funded programs.

There is also little to no risk of criminalization by purchasing from legal sources. So stop in at your local dispensary instead of meeting your dealer in a gas station parking lot. Their variety of products can introduce you to a way of consuming marijuana that you may not have thought of.

Most dispensaries sell edibles, oils, tinctures, caviar and a host of other wonderful products. Experts there can help decide what method is best for you. Lastly, enjoy the benefits of helping your local economy and improving your local school systems by shopping legally.

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